All refitted wheels should be rechecked for tightness using a calibrated torque wrench after the vehicle has covered 80 kilometres or after 24 hours. Retorquing should also be carried out at every Fleet Management check.

The sequence in which wheel nuts should be retorqued is essential to ensure even pressure
across the wheel and hub and correct alignment.

Turn On Rim

Tyre rotation or Turn On The Rim is the practice of moving tyres from one position on a vehicle to another, to ensure even tyre wear to provide consistent performance and extend the overall life of a tyre.

Tyre rotation can be undertaken at home, at work, on site or at our depot by our mobile fitters.

Uneven tyre wear can also be caused by steering, the rubbing and bumping of kerbs and the under or over inflation of tyres. Finally, mechanical problems may also cause uneven wear, the most common cause being the need to re-align the vehicle’s tracking.

Please note, tyre rotation can ONLY be undertaken where;

  • Tyres are the same size
  • There is sufficient tread on the tyres and that all tyres have legal tread

We stress that tyre rotation should be seen as a short-term option and the fitting of new tyres is always advised.

Tyre Regrooving

With most modern truck tyres having an extra layer of base rubber built into them, regrooving offers the easiest and cheapest way to extend the life of the tyre, without compromising on safety.

Whether it’s at our Red Scar Depot or on site, our expert fitters are trained to regroove truck tyres to the manufacturers specifications. A regrooved tyre can be fitted on any axle and correctly regrooved tyres can still be re-treaded.

Here are some reasons why you should consider Tyre Regrooving:

  • Improves the life of the tyre by up to 25%
  • Most cost-effective way of extending tyre life, without replacement
  • A regrooved tyre has reduced rolling resistance by up to 25% compared with a new tyre, which means lower fuel consumption*
  • Regrooving will improve the tyres grip and safety


Getting a puncture or tyre damage is always an unwanted incident but a quality truck tyre repair is vital to maintain the safety of your vehicle on the road. We are able to offer this at your site, on the road or at our depot.

Minor Repairs
Our experienced team can repair minor punctures and get you back on the road in minutes, we have a range of options from plug repairs to tyre fills.

Major Repairs
On LCV, HCV and Industrial tyres we can offer major repairs, and this usually takes longer than a minor repair due to the amount of work required and curing processes.